Summer birds


Say hi to your new little happy companion! Make you and the ones around you smile with putting these stickers on anything, from your phone to your notebook. 

  • A sticker set with 4 colorful birds
  • Printed on glossy sticker paper
  • The paper has a subtle shine
  • Originally hand drawn on the Apple iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil
  • Printed locally at Repros
  • Not recommended to use outdoors (but I do have it on my phone case for over two weeks now and even though it gets a ‘used look’ it is still doing great considered the intens use)

The size of each birdy:

  • Flamingo on yellow ≈ 7,0 cm high x 4,5 cm wide
  • Red robin on green ≈ 5,7 cm high x 5,7 cm wide
  • Blue jay on orange ≈ 6,2 cm high x 5,4 cm wide
  • Black and white warbler on pink ≈ 5,8 cm high x 4 cm wide
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