Apple blossom


“Think different”, like Steve Jobs would say, and make one of your most valuable personal belongings unique. Every sticker is hand made and limited edition to ensure you are one of the few using this symbol to differentiate yourself. 

  • Limit edition, only 100 available per color (forever and anywhere in the world)
  • Hand drawn and hand peeled by me personally
  • Cut out of sticker vinyl
  • Created in the Gemmi workspace
  • Coming soon: Check this article for more information on how to use your sticker

It is important that you have a great experience:

  • Guaranteed good for at least a month (but likely for at least a year) when used properly
  • If something will go wrong with the sticker in shipment or when sticking it on, send it back and you will get a new one
  • Easily removable and will not cause any damage to your Macbook (but be careful, once removed it can not be reused)
  • Any other requests, just let me know!

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